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We help brands maximise their potential online with a full suite of integrated digital and design services covering a wide range of business objectives.

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Wedigital are a digitally-focussed creative marketing agency with expertise in design and website design/build. With a fast growing reputation for innovation and design excellence, we work intensively with our clients to capitalise on the unparalleled opportunities to expand and thrive in the digital age.

Our highly talented, knowledgeable and creative team is underpinned by decades of combined experience. Brands both local and international trust Wedigital to provide them with the knowhow and expertise to consolidate success within their industry.

With deep experience and knowhow, we are highly practiced digital strategists with a demonstrable track record of delivering for clients both local and international.

Take us on board as a partner, and you sincerely become our number one priority. We’ll work to understand your business, leveraging our deep cross-industry experience to curate winning marketing outcomes based a proven track record of successes.

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We work with revered local household names right up to internationally-focussed brands. While the motivations and requirements of our clients are as wide ranging as the industries in which they operate, our focus, always, is on driving profitable long term return on investment.

Our process driven approach delivers proven results, underpinned by a solid underlying strategy that places results and measurability at its core. As a client of Wedigital, you can expect the highest levels of quality, integrity and investment outcome on your marketing spend.

We understand the importance of efficient budget allocation, and our services are tailored towards achieving results across the full spectrum of resource requirements.

Whether it’s prototyping an app design that makes or breaks a company’s flagship product, crafting the perfect rebrand, or weaving the company’s unique personality into every pixel of a intuitively designed web user interface, Wedigital can truly deliver for you.

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We focus on your customers – what they want, when they want it and how they want it. Without them, you’re nothing, and without you, we’re nothing

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We’re not too big, or small – just the right size to offer high quality services

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We’re established – 7 years – and not only trusted by top companies, but leading design agencies too

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We have the right balance of Design and Development in house, rather than good design with bad code, or good code with bad design

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We have a network of expert partners – that’s how we’re able to stay nimble whilst offering a full stack service

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We provide detailed itemised quotes, so you can understand what’s involved, pick & choose what you want, at the price that you want

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We’re not saying it’s impossible to build websites to be compatible with old browsers, as that’s what we do from time to time when the audience is big enough to justify the time and cost. However, this hasn’t been the case for us - if only we knew you were coming!

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