Always forgetting your login details?

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  • Be more secure whilst saving yourself headaches

  • Check out 1Password (We and Apple are fans)

  • You can get free versions, but paid makes life easier and is worth the cost

Yup - that goes for most of us mortal beings. But writing them on scraps of paper, in diaries and taping them to your desk... really! not great ideas. There’s a safer way - password apps. Here’s some notes, tips and a link...

Why use an app when my computer/phone remembers them?

Well, there’s a good chance the computer/phone that saves it, won’t share it with your other devices… nor will it let you know what it is once saved (without some digging). It will just autofill your forms displaying dots (so no-one else can peak!). Whereas apps can be configured to share these details across devices, using secure data sharing and a master password. You can also view the password from within the app.

Other features

Most have a browser extension you can install, so passwords can be saved and entered within your browser.

Some even work within mobile/tablet apps, although very rare, we can see this becoming more common.

So what are the apps?

Now, there are loads of them. But without spending weeks of work researching trialling and testing, we’re not comfortable listing them. However one we are comfortable with recommending is 1Password, as we’ve used them for years and it’s been great. Apple are also fans of them.

Here’s their site…

p.s. nope, no commission, just trying to help ya!

Final notes

Just be aware you will be saving all your passwords under one master password. So make sure this password is really secure! We’d also recommend the devices you have the app on are password protected too, but different to the password used for the app. Yeah we know, another password to remember, but you’ve just saved a whole load of headaches and security issues!

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