Creating a ‘Buzz’: Jersey Honey Landing Page

Jersey Honey is a luxurious new range of skin and haircare products borne from the honeycombs of the island’s own beehives. As digital partners, we’re currently busy bees working on a website that does justice to the Jersey Honey's 'liquid gold' products. They, and the website, will be launching later this year (watch this space!)

This Friday, over our traditional bacon butty, our thoughts focussed on what we could show in the meantime. We decided a landing page was needed, one that captured the enigmatic essence of the brand. Full of carbs, it was time to get buzzing… our #ProjectFriday was sorted!

Jersey Honey products are pure sensory reverence; the syrupy constitution and rich, nectarous aroma the very essence of it’s golden super ingredient. We decided the landing page should personify this, and the timeless energy of the bees themselves.

Visually, our landing page is inspired by the beautifully designed product containers, with the distinctive logo and honey bee in the foreground, front and centre. We added the packaging’s emblematic blossoming flowers to the background, set within a warm, sunlit watercolour.

To complement the visual, we wanted to include a dynamic, interactive aesthetic which would add a further dimension, reminiscent of the full sensory experience you get from using the products.

The star of the show is the brand’s little royal queen bee herself, so we delicately animated her wings, and enabled her to gracefully breeze about her on-screen dominion in tandem with the mouse (desktop) or by tilting (mobile). To complete the effect, we added a duel parallel interactive parallax movement to the flowers.

Try it out for yourself by visiting Jersey Honey now (psst… view on your mobile to see our favourite version!)

Jersey Honey will launch later this year (and having snatched a sneaky sample in a recent meeting, our Christmas gift list is now looking fairly simple this year!)

Visit for more information.

This was a #Project:Friday experiment

We devote Fridays to experimenting and keeping our minds creatively open, ensuring our agency remains fresh and on the pulse of new technologies to offer our clients.

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