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Ever looked at a website and thought, “now that’s a blast from the past!”?. Channel Island Aero Services’ prior website agency, lost interest somewhere along the way, leaving CIAS in the lurch with a very outdated website. Aesthetics aside, the website was hard to navigate, and wasn’t adhering to web standards - with mobile responsiveness being one of them.

We took the content CIAS put together from the previous site, and restructured and designed it into the site today, which is easier to navigate, adheres to web standards, and feels a lot more professional on first impression.

I would like to sincerely thank WeDigital for their professionalism, knowledge, and patience. I am not computer savvy and had been working on my website for at least 2 months and consequently had raised numerous questions and issues I was incapable of overcoming myself. Colm dealt with my problems quickly and solved them right away. He spent time and effort to make sure Channel Island Aero Services Ltd would have a glossy and professional website.

The total result was a site which immediately impressed those visiting it with pictorial and practical information related to our aviation business. Back up service response has been immediate including Search Engine Optimisation advise. Colm definitely deserves a big hand for being the professional that he is.

Bob Wright
Managing Director

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