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When sketching and throwing ideas together with the owner, Shaun Crowther, we had a eureka moment that had been staring us in the face all along… “hey, can’t we sit a stick-man over those o’s?!”. A couple of pencil strokes later, everything in the world just felt right. The result is a comfortably familiar logo, which not only felt right - it stood out solidly as a unique symbol for the Coop Bikes brand.


Ever heard of KISS? No, not the guys with bouffants and spandex, K.I.S.S, the design principle… 'Keep it simple, stupid'. After a recent discovery that many restaurants seem to bury opening times on their websites, this principle came to mind, and alongside a new business sized budget, the approach for the Coop Bikes website was clear.

We started with the top 3 reasons users visited the site - location, opening times, and getting in contact. Followed by an introduction, range of bikes and accessories, bike servicing information, and last but not least, a way to keep in touch with the users through a Facebook like/share button.

It has to be said that Wedigital​ did a wonderful job at creating an often remarked upon website and brand, which I feel is already familiar within the island. The follow up service, including business cards, design and advertising have also been invaluable!

I highly recommend Wedigital's refreshing and innovative approach to modern web design, and would like to thank them very much for all the work they did for us!

Shaun Crowther
Managing Director

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