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New luxury beauty brand Jersey Honey was preparing to launch a new range of premium natural hair and skincare products. Containing internationally renowned honey with health benefits that outperform incumbent brands in the sector, the high end range of premium, all-natural ingredients formed a powerful competitive advantage to help the company forge a niche in an industry with historically high entry barriers.

The company sought a marketing and digital partner that would enable them to reach its target audience on a national level, while nurturing cold leads and establishing crucial trust in this new brand. We worked with Jersey Honey throughout the launch process and beyond to create a long term brand and marketing strategy that would help the company to gain market traction and create lasting brand value.


As a new brand that directly competes with highly established premium international companies, Jersey Honey required a savvy and pragmatic approach to position their range within this highly competitive environment. Central to this strategy was the use of the website as focal digital hub of the business. We created an elegant design congruent to the characteristics and expectations of the target market, prioritising a clean, minimalist approach that exuded the premium nature of the product, from the first glance onwards.

To create this effect and establish the ‘natural power’ of Jersey’s superior quality honey as a key differentiator, we placed the ‘story’ of Jersey Honey at the heart of the website. Incorporating aspirational messaging such as ‘bee well’ with a subtle and visual aesthetic, we carefully curated a browsing experience that enables Jersey Honey to convey the premium nature of their products to its visitors.


Due to the high end, aspirational nature of the industry in which the company operates, brand voice and copy are critical elements to establishing effective positioning and legitimacy of a brand in the space.

We incorporated highly evocative language to convey product messaging that compliments the luxury positioning of Jersey Honey’s brand. Focusing on creating a persuasive and compelling narrative around indulgence and quality, we formulated a singular cross-channel voice that ensured high level brand impressions were able to develop and flourish with each incremental brand interaction.


To succeed in a sector as demanding as luxury beauty, we recognised the critical importance of establishing a consistent, evocative brand that could personify the premium element of the offering. Working closely with Jersey Honey, we built upon existing branding work, refining current designs to arrive at a suitable brand that was able to capitalise on the opportunities of the launch campaign. Meanwhile, we designed the brand to maintain longevity that enables it to evolve with the company and its developing focuses.

We developed a consistent design aesthetic which allowed the company to speak with a singular message across all the channels in which it interacts with its audiences. To do so, we created bespoke designed product packaging, point of sale displays, events collateral, social media graphics and more, each one designed to secure and build brand consistency.

Influencer Campaign

Perhaps more than any other industry, the recommendations of reputable voices can be critical to buying behaviour and marketing effectiveness for brands who leverage investments in such channels. The notion of ‘trust’ in particular is of invaluable importance, and established companies in the industry set aside millions in their budgets to secure this for their brands.

To achieve credibility around the new product and brand, we developed a holistic influencer engagement strategy, working with key individuals whose opinions were widely trusted by their followers. By engaging with beauty bloggers and online magazines, we were able to ensure Jersey Honey products were ‘in the conversation’ of tens of thousands of targeted individuals, on social and blogging platforms where that message is likely to gain momentum.

As a result of the positive impressions published to these channels, Jersey Honey was able to gain valuable initial awareness and begin to build trust, to nurture cold audiences into warm leads and customers.

Launch Strategy

With an initial focus on generating product awareness, we created a schedule of social posts which communicated the brand’s key messages, promoting them to the correct audience using targeted advertising.

In addition, we created interest in the products prior to launch with a heavily promoted launch giveaway across all social channels. The campaigns were highly effective in driving interest and initial followers to Jersey Honey’s social accounts, enabling the company to nurture those showing initial interest as part of an ongoing engagement of audiences along the purchase journey.

Follower Engagement

To further develop interest and continued interactions with the brand among new followers, we wrote and published blog articles. The articles were shared with followers to encourage repeated visits to the website, through while online purchases can be made (via Amazon) By creating appealing, value adding content for visitors, we sought to increase engagement while reinforcing knowledge of, and affinity to, Jersey Honey’s products. Complimenting this, we also posted and shared influencer’s positive reviews and comments about the products with Jersey Honey’s social audiences, providing another layer of validity to our engagement strategy.

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