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Jersey Honey

Jersey's 'Liquid Gold'

Did you know Jersey honey is amongst the world’s best? True story.

Jersey Honey is a young company launching a brand new range of hair and beauty products.

It’s made from honey of unsurpassable quality, produced right here in Jersey.

We’re talking about honey that’s charmed queens and presidents alike here. To truly do it justice, Jersey Honey resolved to leave nothing to chance.

So, yeah, they got in touch with us… Now we’re working closely with them to ensure the products of Jersey’s most irresistible of exports can be enjoyed here, and far beyond.

Selling Jersey Honey globally

It’s a project that’s keeping us every bit as busy as the bees that make the product’s nectarous super ingredient.

In fact, so focussed are we on the upcoming launch, we’re pretty much seeing buzzing bees in our dreams right now!

We’re building the brand with a captivating new website, and curating a seamless purchase process through a new Amazon sales channel.

We’re working on the product design to ensure the luxurious aroma and lather of the products are matched by the rich splendour of its packaging. Oh, and we’re spinning plates to deliver a pre-launch digital marketing blitz.

Expect to see Jersey’s bees buzzing into your Facebook feed and beyond very soon!

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