Data privacy has become a seething battle for credibility in recent years with everyone from Facebook to Apple keen to establish their privacy credentials amid scandal and law changes.

Local tech pioneers Atam ID were already innovating in the space with a personal data app, launched last year. Building on this, Atam began work on a consumer orientated version aimed at protecting individuals rights with organisations that held their data. We assisted them with a range of services aimed at bringing the concept to creation.

To match the technological innovation in Atam’s new concept, a compelling brand was needed to effectively communicate the product to consumers. Wedigital created a look and feel that complimented the apps benefits, building a brand focussed on trust, integrity and proficiency.


Revoke enables individuals to regain control of the data organisations hold on them. A key selling point of the product, we developed the associated concept of a symbolic backward arrow. Incorporating this into the brand’s word mark, the finished logo is emblematic of the app’s primary value proposition, allowing users to get a sense for what the brand stands for at a glance.

Digital Marketing

In order to understand the relative strengths of the potential key target markets for Revoke to focus on, we were approached to run a series of digital marketing campaigns. By deriving high levels of data, statistically significant conclusions can be drawn and inform Revoke’s marketing approach going forward.

Google Display Network allows high volume, cost effective access to ad impressions, making it an ideal testing ground for high scale market analysis. After establishing a holistic range of potential user motivations for using the app, matching campaigns and ad groups were created, comparing and ranking each concept to assess relative importance individuals attribute to them.

Landing Pages

Users clicking on the ads were sent to landing pages optimised to encourage signing up for product updates. This step enabled Revoke to test the effectiveness of each concept’s effectiveness at converting, as well as create initial interest (from observed click through rates).

Web Design

By highlighting the potential dangers of data exploitation to the visitor, we sought to convince them to take action to prevent it. We created an impactful and dynamic home page that communicates that urgency. By taking the user on this journey, we elicit the emotional response necessary to nudge them towards downloading the app.

Clearly and concisely communicating the value, function and need for an app through its website is a challenge. To achieve this, we incorporated a highly visual approach, designed to help visitors intuitively understand the risks of data exploitation and how Revoke fulfils a need. Using large text headings, app screen shots and clear, simple messaging around the app functionality, it was possible to discern the key benefits at a glance.

App Design

Revoke offers a wide range of data customisation options to its users, enabling them to better manage their data with the organisations that hold it. With a complex set of functions available to the user, intuitive app design was a central component of the overall proposition.

We designed an app interface that delivers a refined user experience, prototyping an intuitive data selection and preference process that simplifies the core review and edit actions. We also focussed on making verification, a key element of the setup process, simple, seamless and fast.

Revoke CRM

Revoke provides an end-to-end solution for companies and its customers to connect and manage data preferences. On the company side, we designed an interface for managing customer data requests via a

portal called Revoke CRM. The portal was designed to simplify the process for companies, allowing them to minimise the costs of data management.

When we started Atam ID Technologies we needed a high quality creative partner that would help us to develop and establish global brands for the products and services we were planning. Fast forward 18 months and we are delighted with all the work we’ve done with Wedigital; multiple websites, mobile apps and even distinctive business cards get frequent praise from our customers and partners. In Colm we have a virtual creative director that is very much part of the team, helping us to build strong credible brands that represent us well worldwide.

Aonghus Fraser

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