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Richardson’s Jersey Royals


Average conversion rate from Google Ads


Average cost per sale (Facebook & Google campaigns)

4.3 %

Cost of selling price per unit sold (Facebook & Google campaigns)

Unearthing Digital Marketing

Jersey Royals farmer Doug Richardson had a problem. His renowned new potatoes had been flying off shelves and onto Jersey’s dinner plates for decades. Yet, emulating that success off-island was proving far more elusive. In response, we delivered a carefully mapped holistic online sales channel and digital marketing strategy that didn’t so much meet objectives as plough them into the ground.

Building a Conversion Centric Website

A salient truism in digital marketing is that every penny spent on a campaign with an ineffective means of conversion is a penny miss-spent.

A highly effective and intuitive purchase process enabled visitors to complete an order in a mere matter of clicks; a process low on ‘cognitive load’, and focused on bringing down purchase barriers.

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Multi-Channel DigitalMarketing Campaigns

Like cultivating the perfect Jersey Royals, we adopted a nuanced approach to the marketing spend, sowing the seeds of success through a multi-channel integrated campaign designed to inform, engage, and persuade.

Prioritising a range of intended outcomes from creating awareness to interest, consideration to purchase, we created suitable campaigns across Google, Facebook and YouTube, experimenting and refining campaigns to ascertain the most cost-effective means to engage audiences.

In the bag

The digital marketing campaigns were instrumental to the overall success of the strategy. We understood that selling online presented new challenges for Richardsons not present in the established existing offline channels. Where in a shop or market, a buyer can see, smell and touch to assess the quality of the product for themselves, online they cannot. Considerable trust barriers needed to be overcome, especially since the vast majority of the target audience had no prior interactions with the brand.

Yet, where it takes months and even years to form that priceless bond of trust online, we were able to persuade in moments, delivering scintillating direct ask campaigns that averaged a purchase for every 3-4 website visitors we engaged.

Richardson label printing animation

Automated Selling & Fulfilment Process

An abundance of sales presents its own set of logistical challenges. So, our strategy included an elegant and efficient solution to minimise the administrative burden additional sales may bring.

We created an automated online sales process that didn’t end when the customer hits that ‘buy’ button - but carried right through to the processing of each order. We integrated a post-purchase workflow that automatically printed delivery labels and invoices for the boxes, dramatically cutting the processing costs.

In the process, we eliminated the hours of daily manual effort that would have been required to fulfil off-island orders, keeping costs in check even as sales were taking off. As a result, the average unit cost of sales diminished with every box sold, the final element in a highly effective overall outcome that profitably expanded the reach and scope of Richardson’s Jersey Royals business.

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