The Event Shop

The Event Shop


New event organisers The Event Shop is a ‘one stop shop’ for all event-related requirements in Jersey. To effectively launch their new venture, the company needed a range of services that raised initial awareness with its target audience, including a new brand, logo, website, and digital marketing strategy.

Working closely with founders James and Alina, we developed a pre-launch plan to enable The Event Shop to make an impact from Day 1, introducing and nurturing audiences they needed to underpin the success of their business plan.


The website serves as the central hub of The Event Shop’s business, playing a leading role in the company’s two key business units: planning services and directory listings.

The website was central to The Event Shop’s mission of being Jersey’s de facto reference point for all event requirements. We therefore designed the site to cater for a wide range of visit motivations, including event organising, event assistance, and event discovery.

Events Directory

As a ‘one stop shop’ for events, The Event Shop offers a comprehensive event services listing directory that enables its clients to be seen by highly relevant audiences.

The success of the directory was dependent on it delivering high quality user experiences for visitors, while being efficient to administer listings through the backend.

We designed a clean, elegant interface, prioritising navigational simplicity and delivering a visually appealing aesthetic to promote client listings. High levels of user engagement have since been achieved, translating into positive investment returns for The Event Shop’s clients.

Events Calendar

To boost authority and add value to the website for general visitors, The Event Shop wanted an events calendar that would serve as a reliable and holistic reference point for islanders and tourists. We created a fully customisable event listings calendar that allows visitors to see upcoming events at a glance, whatever the device they are using.

Events can be added to the calendar through a simple interface, allowing The Event Shop to keep the resource accurate and current, maintaining its value and encouraging repeat website visits.

Brand & Logo

The Event Shop’s core brand characteristics are trust, professionalism, and experience. To communicate these, we drafted and created a range of concepts for The Event Shop, each designed to instil these values to create a logo that could accumulate brand equity over time.

The finalised wordmark design integrates with, and compliments, the general brand and website design, enabling The Event Shop to deliver a consistent cross channel branding approach.

Digital Marketing

As a new company, The Event Shop required a holistic digital marketing strategy that would allow them to grow initial brand awareness within the island, while

communicating their services to key audiences and potential clients. We developed a multi-faceted and integrated cross channel approach to accomplish these aims.


Leveraging a comprehensive keyword analysis exercise used to inform our Google Ads search campaigns, we incorporated content and keyword considerations into the design of the website. In doing so, we could enhance the user experience by focussing on the needs of the visitor, while ensuring the site was well placed to appear in Google organic search results.

The SEO optimisations resulted in a significant and growing upward trend in the number of impressions and clicks the website receives from Google searches, with a 10x increase in impressions seen in the first half of 2019.

Content Marketing Strategy

The keyword research also highlighted target searches to for The Event Shop to create content around, enabling them to engage their target audience with compelling articles. Once published, the articles increased website visits, boosting social shares and underpinning growth in search engine domain authority and associated ranking, which also contributed to the positive momentum in search ranking performance seen since the website launched.

Wedigital were instrumental in the launch of our business, designing & producing our website, business cards, banners, flyers, digital marketing plan and social media platforms. Our website is our business and is absolutely critical in what we do, so Wedigital built a website that was easy to use, easy to navigate and most importantly built to last. With Colm, Robert and Kelly, nothing was too much trouble and the biggest thing for us is that they understood our vision & business which is reflected in what they do for us.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Wedigital and can't thank them enough for bringing our business to life.

James Robertson
Founder & Owner

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