We’re all over websites, they’re what we do. Simple.

Well... maybe not that simple. Today, the Web is everywhere, at work, on your phone, throughout your home, wrapped around your wrist, you get the picture. This means your website needs to adapt to its environment not only to make sense, but also fit (ever tried to thread a needle? Frustrating right!? That’s what it feels like to use a website on mobile that’s not been made for small touch screens). So at the very minimum, we build every website to be mobile responsive.

This might seem obvious, but they also need to fit around you. And more than you (no offence), they need to fit around your customer. So although taking a peek at what your peers have done helps, we make sure we understand you and your audience.


"People don’t necessarily remember what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel". I don’t think this is actually the quote... but hey, that’s the point! And it really resonates in web design.

But, it goes deeper than pretty pictures. It’s laying out a clear path to the user’s destination, it’s removing barriers and excessive information, it’s pre-empting what actions they'll take to make life easier, it’s giving them something to smile about, or to show you’re serious and trustworthy. We don’t just leave this to chance, we REALLY think about the experience - it’s at the core of everything we do.


Imagine teleporting thousands of people from across the globe into your shop and being able to serve each person with just one employee... all at the same time. Health & safety and employment tribunals aside, that’s a pretty good business opportunity right there, wouldn’t you say? Well...that’s what we can, and do provide (*teleport not included).

Is your target audience much smaller? Do you sell services rather than products? Do you still want to take that hard earned cash in person? No problem, we can make it work. Just to clarify though, I really cannot provide the teleport.


So here we are, a long way from the days of just throwing up a website simply to be part of the 21st century. And we, like many others call it 'digital', because in today’s world, as this page touches on, there's a multitude of channels that make up your presence in the digital age.

But there are so many channels, and they all evolve so fast... and they can all do so much! Getting to the bottom of how you can make the most of them takes a lot of research, learning and experience. What’s that you say? You simply don't have enough time do do this though? Well, you’re in luck, as we live and breathe this stuff!


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We’re not saying it’s impossible to build websites to be compatible with old browsers, as that’s what we do from time to time when the audience is big enough to justify the time and cost. However, this hasn’t been the case for us - if only we knew you were coming!

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