Spam-a-not: 3 Reasons Why You Need To Win At Email Marketing

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  • Your email messages are 3x more likely to be seen than posting on social media.

  • Technology improvements will make email marketing an even more compelling proposition in future

  • Discover three reasons why email marketing should be part of your digital marketing strategy

You’ve got a new product you know your audience is going to love. Where do you turn? Go!

Your website? Well, that’s a good place to start. But how to get them there? Facebook. Posted on Facebook, job done. Well, if you’re posting on Facebook, what about Twitter? Ok, now done. Hmm… it’s got a nice picture, that would look good on Pinterest – and why not Instagram while you’re at it? Google+? YouTube? LinkedIn? Pow, pow, pow. Are we good? Not quite. Email.

“Na, I need a sandwich.”

Are you neglecting your email subscribers? Or are you missing a subscriber list completely? If so, you’re missing a trick worse than Paul Daniels without a pack of cards.

Need some convincing? Here’s three top reasons to start paying much more attention to your email marketing.

1. Email wins a shouting match like Adam West wins Quahog

Let’s start with an incontrovertible fact. An email will be read by more of your audience than a social media post. A lot more – and it’s a trend that’s widening.

Evidence shows organic reach of page posts on Facebook has dropped to 6.5%, and for some as low as 2%, meaning that if your page has 1,000 followers, all else being equal, only 20-65 people may actually see your post (ahem, excludes the ‘WeDigital effect’!) As Facebook’s ad revenue from ‘sponsored posts’ continues to grow, guessing what lies ahead for organic reach isn’t going to win you any prizes (although our own competition might).

By contrast, the average open rate for email is nearly 25%, meaning 250 out of the same 1,000 subscribers would see your email. Despite Facebook’s crack-like addictive reputation, in reality far more people turn to their emails first and foremost. After mashing the morning alarm clock, a remarkable 58% of people’s next action is to check their email (Interesting fact: that’s almost exactly the same as the proportion who hit ‘snooze’ on their alarms – so that’s what they’re doing!)

Best of all, evidence shows that people sure do trust the shout-y man. Email subscribers are a highly engaged subset of an audience. One survey showed a groin-grabbing 66% of people have purchased online following an email marketing message.

2. Email is utterly perfect for reaching customers on the go

Email marketing is perfect for reaching customers on the go

Just like on the Web, over half of emails are now opened on mobile devices. Over 750 million people use Gmail alone to open and read email messages on their phone.

With email’s unparalleled ubiquity, you could reach a large number of potential customers with valuable messaging. Through mobile phones, this message could be read in contexts that make conversions much more likely. Run a sandwich shop? Tell your audience about a great deal you’ve got going on just as they’re about to step out for lunch. You get the idea.

People today carry their lives round on their mobile during their day. Yet we’ve also become adept at switching between devices wherever it suits us. Reaching your audience with an email read on their mobile can therefore be an incredibly effective first touchpoint. People who open an email on their phone who open it again later from their computer have been shown to be 65% more likely to click to your website. Email allows you to strike up a conversation with your audience while they go about their daily lives. It’s therefore a mechanism for them to respond to your dialogue when it later becomes convenient.

All you need to do is figure out the best way to communicate your message. Hey, if you need help here, we are ready to believe you!

3. Dull, unresponsive email design, meet the waste bin of time

Dull, unresponsive email design is about to meet the waste bin of time

For many years, attempts to create responsive, engaging email content that matches a website have been ‘brick walled’ by compatibility issues*. Email providers have been slow to keep up with fast moving standards seen on the Web. Therefore, displaying modern HTML in an email has always been a bit ‘hit’ and ‘miss’. Yes, we’re looking at you, Microsoft Outlook desktop app!

*That’s ‘brick walled’ as in banging your head against a brick wall while your creative, sparkly idea splatters against it. Well hold my paracetamol, not for much longer!

Today, email providers are finally listening, with tentative, wobbly toddler steps beginning to move things forward. Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but Google’s move to support responsive design standards in Gmail as of September 2016 is an exciting game changer. As a result, 75% of all emails are displayable using the same responsive design code that underpins modern websites. This includes Gmail, iPhone, iPad, Apple Mail and We’re betting that that those that don’t, such as Yahoo! and (ok, we can dream) Microsoft won’t be far behind.

Yes, most email clients don’t support more advanced CSS stylings like native animations just yet, but… baby steps, right?

Expansive, responsive website-style email campaigns are about to become much more of a thing. Therefore, so does your chance to dazzle your subscribers with stunning email designs that capture their attention, imagination, and wallets. You’re probably ahead of us here… yep, that’s something we definitely can jump on for you!

Your time, like a baby panda wearing some pearls, is so very precious. Therefore, it can really pay to get your priorities right when it comes to your digital marketing mix. Yes, every business is different. Email is, however, one heck of a special sauce in your digital kitchen. Use it wisely, and you can cook up something truly special.

Want to discover and unlock the potential benefits email marketing can have for you? Then we’re ready to don our digital chef hats for you and get cracking!

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