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“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”, so the old cliche goes. True, that.

Indeed, it’s said that as low as 7% of communication is the actual spoken words, and the rest is body language; the way it’s said. While this perhaps best belongs on the couch of a behavioural psychologist, it translates just as well to your website.

In design, how it looks is every bit as important as what it says. In fact, these two attributes are really two delicious halves of the same metaphorical chocolate cake: one whose goal is to make your audience feel (happy and satisfied that is, not just fat).

We are design obsessives that strive to create digital experiences that break down the barriers, pre-empt user motivations and demonstrate to them trust and integrity.

In fact, we’re doing it right now, while you’re reading this. Feel good? We’ll get out of your mind now.

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Web Design

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We’re not saying it’s impossible to build websites to be compatible with old browsers, as that’s what we do from time to time when the audience is big enough to justify the time and cost. However, this hasn’t been the case for us - if only we knew you were coming!

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